Kitchener Stitch for Knooking

I am excited to share my first self-made video tutorial on how to do Kitchener Stitch on a knooked work. It is now available on YouTube for everyone.

It always sounded like a big mystery and like one of the most challenging stitches in knitting when knitters I knew talked about it, “Every time I want to use Kitchener Stitch, I need to watch that video tutorial again because it is so complicated.” Or, “You can do Kitchener Stitch with knitting needles instead of a darning needle as well.”

That was the time when, living in an English speaking country as a German, I did not yet know what Kitchener Stitch exactly was nor its German translation. And I did not know what kind of a useful stitch that was, either!

So whenever I knooked a piece in the round, such as a sock or a cushion cover, I eventually faced the question: How do I join top or bottom sides without creating a visible and bumpy seam or a ridge inside? Then I remembered people talking about Kitchener Stitch and its benefits of achieving an invisible and flat seam. So I thought: I have to figure this out for knooking! I have got a German brochure with a short summary on how to knit and I kept suspecting that what they described as “Maschenstich” in German had to be the equivalent of Kitchener Stitch in English.

The other day I finally started watching English YouTube videos on Kitchener Stitch for knitting, and that helped me get the idea of it. However, the tutorials I found did not work for Knooking. So I decided to try and figure it out for Knooking myself, and I am thrilled to announce that I have made it! Eventually I created a free video tutorial on Kitchener Stitch for Knooking. You can watch it above or play it on YouTube. My video is also available in German there.

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