Knooked Icelandic Jersey

Who gave me the idea

When it comes to crocheting, knitting, or knooking, men’s garments have been most appealing to me. So I feel happily surprised when the younger generation comes up with inspiring me for something to knit, especially if it is a 25-year-old guy from my family who likes knitted cardigans and jerseys that are either trendy or have never got out of fashion. My relative was quite excited to tell me that he had seen that awesome kind of jersey on the web, showed me a picture on his phone, and asked me whether I could make something like that for him. The guy in the picture wore an Icelandic Jersey that had that typical and rich fair-isle pattern yoke, and both the jersey and the guy looked nothing but gorgeous. I was all in for it! More pics and info →

Kitchener Stitch for Knooking

I am excited to share my first self-made video tutorial on how to do Kitchener Stitch on a knooked work. It is now available on YouTube for everyone.

It always sounded like a big mystery and like one of the most challenging stitches in knitting when knitters I knew talked about it, “Every time I want to use Kitchener Stitch, I need to watch that video tutorial again because it is so complicated.” Or, “You can do Kitchener Stitch with knitting needles instead of a darning needle as well.” Read more →