Another Checkered Jumper

Orange isn’t everybody’s kettle of fish

After having received some awesome feedback on my first sweater of this kind of design, I decided to make another one, using colours that may be regarded as more popular and accepted among gentlemen nowadays. Here we go: I was looking for a dark colour to match better with a typically urban wardrobe. Checking out the Wakame colour range, I went for the muddy grey which fits me well. For the checkered detail I chose a lime-green which could easily be replaced by another grey or blue.

Improving the design

What I also changed is the position of the checkered design detail. I moved it two rows up, which seems to look better. Also, the body of the jersey is two rows longer than the orange sweater. Last, but not least, I added an eye-catching detail to the underarms. Having a biker’s leather jacket in mind, I crocheted this part with a bulky profile.

Crocheted Sunshine

A seamless men’s Jersey

“The sun is rising,” a colleague said to me when she saw me wearing my new crochet jersey for the first time at work. What an awesum praise, thank you, Gaby! The Icelandic Jersey I made some time ago based on an existing pattern (for more, please see this blog post) turned out so well that it inspired me to further pursue the idée fixe that has been haunting me for quite a while: creating a well-fitting jersey or jacket without having to join any garment parts together.

More Pics and Info

Simple Classical Men’s Vest

A garment for men

Vests and waistcoats have always been an eye-catching and elegant part of men’s fashion. While there have been attempts to steal those genuinely male garments for women’s fashion, there is no doubt that they still look best on men, emphasizing the typically male body features of the chest area. Adding a vest with a great colour, pattern or material to a very basic shirt can turn a boring outfit into a fashion statement. More pics and info →