Another Checkered Jumper

Orange isn’t everybody’s kettle of fish

After having received some awesome feedback on my first sweater of this kind of design, I decided to make another one, using colours that may be regarded as more popular and accepted among gentlemen nowadays. Here we go: I was looking for a dark colour to match better with a typically urban wardrobe. Checking out the Wakame colour range, I went for the muddy grey which fits me well. For the checkered detail I chose a lime-green which could easily be replaced by another grey or blue.

Improving the design

What I also changed is the position of the checkered design detail. I moved it two rows up, which seems to look better. Also, the body of the jersey is two rows longer than the orange sweater. Last, but not least, I added an eye-catching detail to the underarms. Having a biker’s leather jacket in mind, I crocheted this part with a bulky profile.

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